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NOTE: All payments must be credited to company bank account ONLY. Company will not be responsible for any payment made in any account other than company’s account. Thanks

How to Buy:

We have made it comfortable for our valued customers to buy vehicles with us in 5 easy steps. As we value our customers, so we give priority to our customers that they don’t face any kind of hurdle while dealing with us.


You can simply choose the car from our stock displayed on our website. If the unit is not available then you can provide us your requirement and preferences so we can arrange same car within your Budget. All Specifications and details are available on each stock displayed.


After selecting a car you can request a Quote. Our Sales Team will contact you within 1 hour. Make Sure you need to be a registered member before you request for a quote. You need to put correct information like Country and port so you can get CNF Price till Your port.


You will receive Performa invoice form or from your sales person email. Make sure we don’t use Gmail, yahoo or another other server.

You can print and take the invoice to your local bank to make payment via Bank transfer / Wire Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer). Our Bank Details are shown in the invoice. Invoice Due date is valid for 5 days only after you receive the Performa invoice. Kindly attach the scanned Document and send to your sales person and so we can trace your Payment.

Kindly click on the below link to check our banking details.

Link: Banking Details

We Advise you to please check account properly and BEWARE OF FAKE EMAILS. We don’t receive payments in personal Accounts.


Once you make the payment, we will show the car at your port and Booking Information will be shared with you on email. You can also Track your shipment through MY ACCOUNT after you login. Once Shipment moves from JAPAN, you will receive documents through DHL.

You will need below documents to clear your car from the port.

  1. Export Certificate
  2. Bill of Lading
  3. Final Invoice
  4. Inspection Certificate (If Required)
  5. (Other documents might be included)


Please contact any local Custom Officer or Clearing Agent who can arrange the clearing Process so that you can receive your car.

6. Drive your car

Finally you are ready to Enjoy your dream car.